Bansal GI Wire

   Bansal GI wire marks the Benchmark for quality in GI Wires. BANSAL WIRE INDUSTRIES LTD is a flagship company of Bansal Group. This is an ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF: 16949: 2016 Certified Company. Bansal Wire is amongst the largest producer of Stainless Steel and High Carbon Wires in the country. BWIL offers a wide range of grades and gauzes ranging from 8GG to 27GG in both Electro grade/ Cold dip and Hot-dip Galvanised wires. Properties of these process include : 

  1. Electro Grade- Electro-Galvanized Wires are also known as Cold Dip Wire. On these wires, zinc coating is done through an electrochemical process and can be produced with narrow diameter tolerance. Electro graded GI Wires are soft and range from 14GG to 27GG. Due to their softness, this becomes the first choice for industries like Broom manufacturers.

  2. Hot Dip – BWIL offers Hot Dip G.I. Wires of consistent mechanical properties, uniform zinc coating, and a bright surface finish. Zinc Coating is done through the Hot Dip Galvanizing process. Hot-dip GI wires perform better compared to cold dip in terms of hardness and Heavy Zinc Coating.  Bansal offers hot dipped GI wires ranging from 6GG to 20GG.

Products from Bansal Wire Industries Limited:

We deal with the following Electro grade GI Wires :

  1.  Bansal Electo-Grade 16 Gg (1.60mm)

  2.   Bansal Electo-Grade 18 Gg (1.25mm)

  3.  Bansal Electo-Grade 20 Gg (0.90mm)

  4.  Bansal Electo-Grade 22 Gg (0.70mm)

  5.  Bansal Electo-Grade 24 Gg (0.55mm)

  6.  Bansal Electo-Grade 27 Gg (0.40mm)

In Hot dip, We deal in :

  1. BHD 06Gg (4.88mm) 24’/KGS
  2. BHD 08Gg (4.00mm) 32’/KGS
  3. BHD 10Gg (3.00mm) 50’/KGS
  4. BHD 12Gg (2.50mm) 70’/KGS
  5. BHD 14Gg (2.00mm) 120’/KGS
  6. BHD 16Gg (1.60mm) 180’/KGS
  7. BHD 18Gg (1.25mm)
  8. BHD 20Gg (0.90mm)

Other products include :

Barbed wire –

It is a type of steel fencing wire manufactured with sharp edges or points arranged at precise intervals along the strand(s). It is used to construct less expensive fencing and is used atop walls to protect property. It effectively provides safety from cattle and other animals at an ultra-low cost. Barbed wire fencing requires only fence posts, wire, and fixing devices such as staples or clips. It is simple to construct and quick to erect and easy to install even by a semi-skilled person. There are three types of sizes available, They’re : 

  1.  Bansal 12GG X 12GG  – Both the running wire and barb are of 12GG.
  2.  Bansal 12GG X 14GG  – Ruunning wire is of 12GG and barb of 14GG.
  3.  Bansal 14GG X 14GG  – Both the running wire and barb are of 14GG.

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