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“Bandhan, to make a benchmark of quality, accuracy, & weight in the Binding wires” A promise of quality with a seal of ISO 9001:2015 & IS 280 certified, High strength Binding Wires “An Unbreakable Bond Of Trust.”

In Bandhan we make sure that the product should value your money and make sure the size and thickness of the material should be as per BIS standards and at highly reasonable prices. Bandhan Wires comes in different Packaging and Sizes as listed Below –
  1. Bandhan 18GG X 25KG – Brand wrapped
  2. Bandhan 20GG X 25KG – Brand wrapped
  3. Bandhan 18GG X 30KG (6 Rings of 5KG each)
  4. Bandhan 20GG X 30KG (6 Rings of 5KG each)

Why Bandhan?

  • Annealed in Electric Furnace to give it a proper temper and to maintain its proper color and Consistent diameter.
  • For Accurate Weight Guarantee : Bandhan is a plastic wrapped coil and each coil weights exact 25kgs
  • Unmatched ductility and strength
  • Only brand to be certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
  • Softness: Easy to use and soft on hands.
  • Unique & secure packaging with ease of handling and transportation.
  • Higher length per kg, thus can tie more joints.

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